Proposal photoshoot

..engagement or pregnancy, or civil wedding, or family portrait! Any important beautiful momenents. You joke, play, do whatever you like, and I photograph it all :)
  • online consultation and planning;
  • about 2 hours of photography;
  • 50-100 photos;
  • each image will be professional edited in the post-production in signature style in colour and additional images in black & white;
  • the processed photo material is transferred to the customer electronically via cloud storage;
  • processing time - 1 weeks only;

Embark on a captivating journey of love and create a beautiful love story that will be etched in your hearts forever. Our love story photography service is designed to capture the essence of your unique bond and showcase your love in a series of breathtaking images.

Your love story is a narrative filled with moments of joy, laughter, and intimacy. Our skilled photographers have a passion for storytelling and will work closely with you to create a personalized experience that reflects your journey as a couple. Whether you want to capture the excitement of a recent engagement, celebrate an anniversary, or simply document the beautiful connection you share, our love story photography is the perfect way to preserve those precious memories.

We believe that the location of your love story photoshoot should be as meaningful as the love you share. From picturesque outdoor settings to the cozy comfort of your own home, we will help you choose a location that holds sentimental value or showcases your unique personalities. Whether it’s strolling through a vibrant cityscape, exploring a breathtaking natural landscape, or simply enjoying each other’s company in a cozy setting, we will capture the magic of your love in every frame.

During the love story session, our photographers will create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, allowing your genuine emotions and interactions to shine through. We will guide you with poses and prompts that evoke authentic expressions, ensuring that your images truly capture the love and connection you share. Our goal is to create a collection of images that not only reflect your outward beauty but also encapsulate the depth and intimacy of your relationship.

After the session, our team of skilled editors will carefully select and enhance the best images, ensuring that they reflect your unique love story. We offer a range of options to showcase your images, including beautifully designed albums, high-quality prints, and digital copies that can be shared with loved ones.

Celebrate your love story and preserve the memories that make it extraordinary. Contact us today to schedule your love story photography session and let us create a collection of images that will capture the essence of your unique bond for years to come.