Love story

29/08/2018 в 12:34

Это было незабываемое путешествие в компании Игоря и Жанны. В этот день я за 2 часа полёта очутился в Германии а спустя ещё 3 часа мы были в Швейцарии. Два красивейших города Люцерн и Цуг стали для нас идеальным локациями предсвадебной съёмки.

16/05/2017 в 00:56

Probably the brightest pre-wedding shoot in my life! All because it was the first of its kind: joyful, emotional, inspired and desirable. I had been preparing for it for some time, studying the map of routes and sights, as well as looking for little streets on the map. In the end, I was able to create such beauty. The Love Story shoot took 2 days, one day and the next morning to be exact. If you are planning such a trip, I recommend you to start doing it 4-6 months in advance, then tickets are cheaper and hotel rooms are easier to book at a discount :-).