Travel. Memmingen


I got to this cozy and old city before flying home, after two shooting days at the wedding of Igor and Jeanne. There is a separate post about it in my blog!
The thing is that 12 minutes away is a former military airfield, where low-cost carriers such as wizzair and ryanair fly in. You can get from Memmingen to the airport (Memmingen/Munich West) from the train station by bus 810, the fare is 3 euros.

There was not much time for a walk. All photos were taken within two hours.
The town is not big but very beautiful.

What struck me very much in this town — the absence of shouting signs over the stores and staple-baiters. There is no motley advertising colors on the buildings. Everything is very plain and pleasing to the eye. A day is enough to walk around the city if you don’t wander beyond the outskirts. There are many stores in the city, but they fit so harmoniously into the old buildings that you don’t notice the intersection of the modern and the past — it’s very cool!


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