13/05/2017 в 00:35

All photos of this series can be seen in my instagram account(@kudin_photo) It was an unforgettable trip in the company of "Mandri z prigodami" and 9 yacht crew. Great weather, fresh wind, storm, new places, picturesque islands, Greek cuisine and color - everything you need for a great vacation on the water. Friends, I can say unequivocally, a yacht trip is something different, exciting, interesting and magical. Do not be afraid of seasickness, get ready for a trip and enjoy your vacation! Watch out for 150 more pictures of spectacular Greece! Enjoy your vacation! @kudin_photo)

12/05/2017 в 23:57

This was my first trip to Prague and I photographed there a wonderful couple Sergey and Lena, but this is a separate story.Here are pictures of my mood, this is what caught my eye. Prague made an impression. I was impressed by the infrastructure of the city, how everything is preserved, how everything is beautiful and well-maintained. We lived in the center, Prague 1, in a luxury hotel Vintage Design Hotel Sax, we should have started with it, but no, first Prague. Enjoy your stay!