Gathering of the bride and groom on the wedding day.

Gathering of the bride and groom on the wedding day is a very important and awe-inspiring moment. With the right organization of the process of gathering, you are sure to get a lot of great shots that will fully convey the importance of the event. The morning of a young couple is accompanied by pleasant exciting thoughts, important details and attributes, meticulous gathering. In order to capture all this on the photo, it is important to remove unnecessary fuss, leave all the unnecessary outside the frame. Gatherings of the bride and groom in the hotel can perfectly convey this atmosphere.


Advantages of shooting a wedding gathering in a hotel

Some of the main benefits of shooting in a hotel room include:

  • The possibility of choosing the design of the room, maximally suited to your wedding style. Coloristic interior of your chosen room will be able to emphasize your images, thought-out interior will not distract attention to unnecessary details in the frame, as in the case of shooting at home.
  • In hotel rooms, as a rule, there is good lighting, which will provide even light, which is so important in wedding photography. If the chosen room has large panoramic windows, you will be able to get great shots using natural light, which is unusually soft in the morning.
  • Spaciousness. Having at his disposal a spacious, uncluttered space, the wedding photographer will be able to make for you a lot of different shots from different angles.
  • The presence of beautiful halls, staircases and halls in the hotel will allow you to make additional shots, thereby saving you time.
  • With this format of photography you can limit the circle of people present, thereby eliminating unnecessary, absolutely unnecessary on this day fuss.
  • There is no need to burden yourself before shooting cleaning the house, its preparation for the photo shoot. Having booked a hotel room for the morning of the bride, you by default get a clean and tidy room, ready for shooting.


As you can see, the decision to start your wedding day in a hotel, has a number of advantages, frees you from certain household hassles, helps you feel relaxed and calm.

What is the morning of the bride and groom in the hotel

Often, brides favor two main options for their wedding morning:

  1. In the first of them, the gathering takes place separately from the groom, the bride does her hair and makeup, she puts on a wedding dress, after which she is met by the groom. As assistants, the girl can take her mother or the closest girlfriends.
  2. The second option involves a joint stay in the room of the bride and groom, their joint gathering and wedding photography.


Which option to prefer depends solely on you and your beliefs. However, it is certainly preferable for the photographer to have both the bride and the groom in the hotel at the same time. This gives the opportunity to capture the moments of gathering of each of them, shoot all the accessories and paraphernalia of the couple.

Step-by-step photography of the wedding morning

What is the photo shoot of the bride and groom’s gathering, what does it consist of? Based on the experience of professional wedding photographers, you can make a certain sequence of stages of shooting the morning of a couple of newlyweds. This sequence is the most optimal, as it gives a qualitative and productive result:

  • The first thing the bride needs to do is to work with a stylist to get her hair done. Ideally, the hair is done before the makeup is applied. At this stage, the photographer does not take pictures of the bride.
  • After the stylist, a makeup artist works with the young one. Around the same time, the photographer and videographer arrive at the hotel.
  • While the makeup artist applies makeup to the bride, the photographer works with the details. The shooting of wedding rings, boutonnieres, bouquet, various paraphernalia, elements of the wedding closet. To shoot the details, worry in advance that they were in the room by the arrival of the photographer.


Important! Cufflinks, watches, perfumes chosen for this day, rings, including the engagement ring, jewelry, shoes, wedding dress, shirt or suit of the groom, tie or bow tie, bouquet, boutonniere — all this will help the photographer to make a beautiful composition, to capture this day, down to the last detail.


  • In the process of applying makeup by the makeup artist, the photographer pays attention to the groom’s gathering, photographs details of his wedding closet, takes his portraits. In such an unhurried and calm environment, devoid of fuss, the photographer can make a beautiful male portrait, conveying the importance of the event, capture the emotions of the groom on this day.

  • When the makeup comes to the final stage, the photographer starts shooting the bride. Photographs the process of applying makeup, captures the interaction of the master with the girl. Since the makeup artist is present in the frame, warn him to have a tidy appearance, looked harmoniously in the frame.
  • When the hairstyle and makeup of the bride is ready, if desired, you can shoot in a delicate negligee or silk robe, such shooting is becoming quite popular recently.
  • Then begins the exciting moment of gathering the bride. The shooting of elements of the wedding closet of the bride, the process of dressing the wedding dress, in the frame are the hands of the assistant of the girl, who carefully fasten the buttons on the dress or tie the lacing. Careful dressing of jewelry, application of fragrance and joyful emotions — what will remind you of the frames of the exciting and at the same time joyful moment in the life of the bride, will be a pleasant memory.


  • Having completed work with the bride, the photographer shoots the process of meeting the couple or takes their joint portrait. Fixes priceless emotions that say that the important event is very close.
  • If the hotel assumes a beautiful hall or staircase, a large balcony with a view, a terrace, the couple and the photographer allocate some time for artistic shooting in a beautiful interior.


This is the end of the wedding morning shooting in the hotel. Remember that with careful and advance preparation, you will provide yourself a perfectly planned morning, devoid of fuss, filled with only pleasant emotions. Wedding photography in the hotel, guarantees you the availability of beautiful shots, devoid of all unnecessary and superfluous, on such an important day. On your wedding day, you deserve only the best!


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