Tips before taking a photo

24/04/2018 в 10:43

Nowadays, off-site wedding ceremonies have become especially popular. They have actively supplanted the solemnization of marriage in the registry office. What are their differences and what is better to stop your choice? Perhaps there is even no point in comparing these two events. After all, the procedure in the registry office is the legal registration of a new family. It can be both solemn and consist solely of the legal part. And the away ceremony is a solemn, one can say staged action, organized from beginning to end according to the taste and desires of the couple. В настоящее время, особой популярностью стали пользоваться выездные свадебные церемонии. Они активно вытеснили торжественные бракосочетания в ЗАГСе. Каковы их отличия и на чем лучше остановить свой выбор? Пожалуй, даже нет смысла сравнивать эти два события. Ведь процедура в ЗАГСе - это законная регистрация новой семьи. Она может быть как торжественной, так и состоять исключительно из юридической части. А выездная церемония - это торжественное, можно сказать постановочное действие, организованное от начала и до конца по вкусу и желаниям пары. 

14/03/2018 в 15:41

One of the most beautiful times for outdoor photography is when gardens are in bloom. With studio shoots and bad weather behind us, the warm and gentle sun beckons to take romantic and soulful shots in its rays. Nature is filled with colors and landscapes are flooded with soft light. Starting from the beginning of May, nature gives us lush rich greens and an abundance of incredible shades of colors. It is during this period that you can get incredible and sensual shots. A professional photographer will help you in this, who will conduct a photo session in blooming gardens.  

15/05/2017 в 18:32

A wedding car is a complementary element in every wedding. Nowadays, choosing a car for a wedding walk will not be difficult, as many companies are engaged in rental of wedding cars. You can rent everything from an old Zaporozhts or Mercedes from the Second World War to a huge limousine based on a military car HUMMER. Over the years of my work, I have made certain conclusions about the convenience and dynamics of shooting with different cars. And these conclusions I want to share with you.