Shooting in blooming gardens

One of the most beautiful times for outdoor photography is when gardens are in bloom. With studio shoots and bad weather behind us, the warm and gentle sun beckons to take romantic and soulful shots in its rays. Nature is filled with colors and landscapes are flooded with soft light. Starting from the beginning of May, nature gives us lush rich greens and an abundance of incredible shades of colors. It is during this period that you can get incredible and sensual shots. A professional photographer will help you in this, who will conduct a photo session in blooming gardens.  

What to shoot in flowering gardens?

During such a beautiful period, it is best to have a portrait photo shoot, a baby photo shoot, a Love story shoot and, of course, a family photo shoot. A little more should be said about each of them:

  • Children look very harmoniously in the frame, against the background of blossoming trees. Just like spring, they represent the beginning of life, tenderness and purity. What can be more beautiful than bright and selfless children against the background of a blossoming garden?
  • Of course, harmoniously among the fragrant delicate flowers look beautiful half of humanity. After all, flowers better than anything emphasize the beauty and grace of girls and women. In such conditions, you are guaranteed to get warm and tender portraits, because in addition to the incredible palette of colors, the delicate sunlight will contribute to the atmospheric frame.
  • Photography in blooming gardens is a great time to take pictures of lovers. It is in such an atmosphere you can perfectly capture a small fragment of the lovers’ life. Blooming plants will make the atmosphere romantic and tender.
  • Family shoot can be held in an apple orchard, because these trees smell kindness, coziness and a kind of homely simplicity. Filled with happiness faces of a friendly family on the background of a well-groomed home garden look win-win. After all, coziness, warmth and bright colors, as best as possible emphasize the emotions of a strong loving family.

Shooting location

If you decide to shoot in flowering gardens, it is important to know the blooming time of plants, to decide which gardens will decorate your shots. Due to the fact that different plants have their own blooming period and peculiarities, it is best to familiarize yourself with the approximate schedule of flowering buds in advance:


  • Apricots are among the first to bloom. These fruit trees can make you happy with their color from mid-April onwards. Delicate, white-pink apricot flowers will give you amazing, bright, sun-drenched shots. Don’t forget that the blossoms don’t last that long and frosts are possible during this period. Therefore, as soon as you have a warm and sunny day, you should hurry up and take incredible shots.
  • Sakura and lilacs are the next plants to bloom. Depending on the region and weather conditions, these plants bloom in early or mid-May. The mysterious magnolias bloom around the same period. The botanical garden is an ideal place for such photography. Trees there are well-groomed, the territory is ennobled. Blossoming lilacs will fill the frames with noble color, and stylized processing will make the photos unique. Take into account that on weekends the botanical garden is crowded with visitors, so it is best to plan the shooting on weekdays. It is not bad if you manage to do it in the early morning.
  • Almost simultaneously with lilacs and cherry blossoms. Cherry orchards will be an excellent place for photography. Rows of delicate blossoming trees will create a unique composition, and fragrant aroma will inspire a sensual photo shoot.
  • A great solution for a photo shoot in our area is to shoot in apple orchards. Not far from your city, you will surely find undiscovered apple orchards. Having found out in advance about the location of such orchards, you will be able to hold an unforgettable photo session, which will be imbued with tenderness, warmth and invisible aromas. If you dream of such a photo shoot, you should plan it for the end of May — beginning of June.

Preparation for shooting in flowering gardens

In order for your photo shoot to go flawlessly and for you to get the expected results, you need to prepare thoroughly for the shoot. Here are some useful tips that will help you do it:

  • For the shoot, choose solid-colored clothing or outfits in gentle shades that don’t contain mottled prints. Since spring blooming gardens are filled with the colors of lush greens and delicate colors, overly bright clothing can overwhelm the frame. Pastel colors of outfits will come just right. For a family photo shoot for all family members, choose outfits in the same style and coloring.
  • Despite the fact that the spring sun is quite mild, it is best to choose morning or evening time for shooting. This special light blends perfectly with the delicate colors and will provide a pleasant tone to your photos.
  • Choose your location carefully and consult with your photographer. It is best if there are no large contrasting objects in the background.
  • An excellent choice for a photo shoot, will be a light nude makeup, emphasizing the natural beauty. Do not be carried away by bright evening makeup and multi-complicated hairstyles. The image should be gentle, feminine and slightly careless.
  • An integral attribute of a beautiful frame is a good mood and the appropriate emotional state. Positivity, joy, pleasure, as well as tenderness, kindness, romanticism and light thoughtfulness — those emotions that harmonize with the incredible beauty of a blooming spring garden.

As you can see, nature is generous with extraordinary, magical landscapes. It creates unique conditions for creating sensual shots. Remember that the blooming period lasts for a short time, so discuss all the details with your photographer in advance and prepare for the shooting thoroughly. All this will give you tender, unique shots.

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